SafeLane Global – Underwater Inspection

SafeLane Global – Underwater Inspection

Underwater inspection with 3D Chirp technology

SafeLane Global mitigates the risks posed by explosive ordnance – both on land and in the marine environment

Over the last three years, SafeLane has been working in partnership with SAND Geophysics, utilising 3D chirp surveying technology to provide highly detailed underwater inspections for clients in the renewables, energy and infrastructure sectors. SAND Geophysics are seabed and near-surface detection specialists who provide expert consultancy.

What is 3D Chirp?

A technique originally developed by the University of Southampton and Kongsberg GeoAcoustics and now operated exclusively by SAND Geophysics, 3D chirp is an acoustic surveying technique that enables the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous buried objects.

This means the technique has the capability to detect all materials including metals, wood, rope, and rubble. Consequently, it can rule in – and more critically rule out a lot of otherwise potential unexploded ordnance targets compared to a more traditional magnetometer survey.

Any data captured – both seabed and subsea bed – can be processed and mapped utilising 3D imagery, providing highly detailed target positions as well as critical information about the characteristics of buried objects and the seabed conditions.

What are the benefits of 3D Chirp?

SafeLane’s marine team’s core aims are always to protect personnel, assets, and the environment. Working with SAND Geophysics means they are able to further enhance their excellent in-house skills to deliver the following benefits for clients:

  • Enabling a client to make data driven decisions about their risk mitigation strategy
  • Effective even in contaminated or built-up environments, such as harbours, providing accurate data that reduces costs
  • Can reduce investigation targets by 98%
  • Less water time for divers – which is safer and more cost effective
  • Insight into previously undetected risks, such as non-ferrous ordnance

The combination of SafeLane’s experience in mitigating explosive threats and SAND Geophysics’ suite of technology and scientific insight gives timely results you can trust that keep teams and equipment safe.