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THMA – Events

New chapter for the Humber region and supply chain

Team Humber Marine Alliance and Grimsby Renewables Partnership officially merged at Offshore Wind Connections 2022

The new company, Humber Marine and Renewables, was launched at the leading conference on the morning of April 28, cementing the two organisations’ partnership and bringing more than 200 member companies into a united organisation.

The intention to merge was announced last year after it was agreed that combining membership and resources would lead to a greater brand presence and a single voice for the Humber region on the national and international stage, along with enhanced business opportunities.

Significant initiative

Andrew Oliver, Director, Humber Marine and Renewables, said that the merger was highly significant for the region and represented a new era for member companies and commented: “We now have one voice and one ambition, which is to bring more offshore wind and maritime business to the region and our membership.

“Both Grimsby Renewables Partnership and Team Humber Marine Alliance developed a reputation with global reach and had members spanning the length and breadth of the supply chain. Bringing the two organisations together creates an unrivalled bank of skills and experience.

“We are very proud to launch Humber Marine and Renewables and I feel hugely privileged to be part of this highly influential Humber maritime and offshore wind group.”

Strategic collaboration

Katharine York, Director, added: “Humber Marine and Renewables is the culmination of a huge amount of hard work and goodwill by the two former organisations. The key to their success was the energy and ambition of the private sector and their strategic collaboration with the public and education sectors who have provided invaluable support over the years.

“Humber Marine and Renewables will be a powerful alliance between the north and south banks, combining the operations and maintenance focus of Grimsby Renewables Partnership with the maritime knowledge of Team Humber Marine Alliance.”

Board of directors

The new board of directors are Graham Billany, formerly of Team Humber Marine Alliance, Frank Butterfield of Best Service, Camilla Carlbom Flinn of Carlbom Shipping, Jonathan Goolden of Wilkin Chapman Solicitors, Andrew Oliver of Andrew Jackson Solicitors and Katharine York of Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.

Humber Marine and Renewables