Albion Manufacturing Ltd – Cable Installation

Albion Manufacturing Ltd – Cable Installation

Vital network within a windfarm

Installing many kilometres of highly valuable and immensely heavy inter-array cable on any project will of course come with its difficulties

Selecting the right cable grips/cable socks (Chinese fingers) is an essential part to overcoming handling difficulties and ensuring a safe and successful operation. As Chinese fingers are a niche product in a niche market, detailed knowledge of design, construction and performance variations are crucial and often not widely known.

Custom design and manufacture

Experience, knowledge and their ability to custom design and manufacture their products to suit the challenges their clients may face from project to project are some of Albion Manufacturing Ltd’s greatest assets.

Quality of service, their ability to offer products including high load, lace up, closed body, bound eyes (i.e. no ferrules to reduce risk of snagging) extended necks for use in J-tubes has enabled the company to become a preferred supplier to companies such as Prysmian, NKT Cables, JDR Cables, Subsea 7, Jan De Nul, LS Cables, AMOS Group, Global Marine, TKF Connectivity and many more.


Albion offer solutions for all diameters and types of cables. In addition to galvanised and stainless-steel materials, they can manufacture their products from non-conductive materials which remove the risk of electrical conductivity and withstand prolonged exposure to saline conditions.

Their Quality Assurance Systems are to the highest standards being ISO 9001:2015 certified by UKAS accredited certification body. The company design, develop and manufacture everything in-house and have successfully tested their products to MBL’s up to 200 tonnes.

Increased demand

In the last few years Albion has seen an increased demand not only for their high load bespoke items, used predominantly in handling large subsea umbilicals, but also for their smaller but high volume non-standard and non-conductive grips widely used on cables installed within the turbine towers.

Typical types of cable grips include:

  • Single Eye – which can only be placed on the end of the cable for high pulling strength
  • Double Eye – which allows the cable to pass through the grip between the eyes allowing the load to be taken off the free end of the cable when securing to a termination
  • Fleeting Eye – a single offset eye that, unlike the standard Single Eye, allows the cable to pass through the grip
  • Split Lace up – for attachment at any point on the cable
  • Open Ended – no eyes for a fast-non-positive connection of two cables, wires or ropes

Albion are constantly looking at design improvements through their R&D activities and are currently in discussion with clients regarding a number of design alternatives for specific projects around the world.

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