Forthcoming Features

Issue 45 (available from August)

Editorial deadline 5th July.  Extended deadline (for those with a commercial package) 15th July

This magazine will include a special pull-out and keep matrix supplement showcasing companies in the North East of England – click here to view example

 Also a Belly Band – supplied by Hydrogenics 

  1. Industry Showcase
  2. Wind Energy Hamburg Preview
  3. Innovative Training Programmes – Sponsored by Green Marine Solutions
  4. Spotlight on the North East of England – Sponsored jointly by NOF & Energi Coast
  5. Working at Heights – Sponsored by Bahco
  6. Wind Turbine Brakes – Sponsored by Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd
  7. Basque Country Spotlight – Sponsored by Basque Energy Cluster
  8. ROV Services – Sponsored by Atlantas Marine
  9. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines – Sponsored by 4Navitas (Green Energy Solutions) Ltd
  10. Lifting, Piling and Handling – Sponsored by Houlder Ltd
  11. Data Sharing – Sponsored by Onyx Insight Analytics
  12. Weather Predicting Services – Sponsored by SeaRoc Group
  13. Torque Tools – Sponsored by Norbar Torque Tools Ltd
  14. Hydrogen Technology – Sponsored by Hydrogenics

Issue 46 (available from October)

Editorial deadline 5th September.  Extended deadline (for those with a commercial package) 15th September

  1. Industry Showcase
  2. Mitigating Risks – Sponsored by Wilkin Chapman LLP
  3. Blade Maintenance – Sponsored by WKA Blade Service GmbH
  4. Subsea Lidar
  5. Humber Revisited(Humber Revisited Marketing Packages)
    a two year update with pull out supplement. Will be divided into the following sections:

    • Ports & Port Services
    • Training – Sponsored by HOTA
    • Support Services – Sponsored by Green Port Hull
    • Market Opportunities
    • Operations & Maintenance
    • Logistics
  6. Predicting UXO Movement – Sponsored by HR Wallingford
  7. Safety at Work – Sponsored by Mascot International
  8. Turbine Load Control – Sponsored by FOS4X
  9. Operations & Maintenance – Sponsored by James Fisher Marine Services
  10. Spotlight on ScotlandSponsored by Prontoport Ltd
  11. Vessel Repairs – Sponsored by MMS Ship Repairs
  12. Specialist Consultancy – Sponsored by 4C Offshore Limited

Issue 47 (available from December)

Editorial deadline 5th November.  Extended deadline (for those with a commercial package) 15th November

  1. Industry Showcase
  2. Trenching Sponsored by SMD
  3. UXO Clearance – Sponsored by SeaTerra GmbH
  4. Research & Development
  5. Project Funding
  6. Arc Flash Protection – Sponsored by ProGarm
  7. Grouting
  8. Ice Detection
  9. Radar Mitigation
  10. Rental of Equipment
  11. Specialist Lighting
  12. Vessel Conversion & Management
  13. Problem? Solved!
  14. Anti-Fouling
  15. Freight Forwarding
  16. Drones & UAVs – Sponsored by Offshore Aerial Survey Services
  17. Dehumidifiers In Wind Turbines
  18. Lidar Products & Services
  19. Drivetrain
  20. Crew Transfer
  21. USA – Offshore Wind Industry Boom – dividing it into the following sections:
    • Innovations: Research & Development
    • Logistics
    • Engineering
    • Training
    • Support Services
    • Market Opportunities
    • Operations & Maintenance

Issue 48 (available from February 2019)

Editorial deadline 5th January. Extended deadline (for those with a commercial package) 15th January

  1. Industry Showcase
  2. Pitch & Yaw Systems
  3. Offshore Technicians
  4. Calibration Equipment
  5. Grid Connections
  6. Decommisioning
  7. First Aid
  8. Predictive Maintenance
  9. Foundations
  10. Offshore Training – Sponsored by HOTA
  11. Blade Design
  12. Helicopter Services
  13. Rope Access

Issue 49 (available from April 2019)

Editorial deadline 5th March. Extended deadline (for those with a commercial package) 15th March

The Onshore Special Edition …. covering:

  1. Industry Showcase
  2. Planning Consents
  3. Funding
  4. Access
  5. Foundations
  6. Security
  7. Onshore Cable Laying Routes
  8. Container Storage

Issue 50 (available from June 2019)

Editorial deadline 5th May. Extended deadline (for those with a commercial package) 15th May

  1. Industry Showcase
  2. NDT Testing
  3. Subsea Survey
  4. Blade Inspection
  5. Asset Management Experts
  6. Dredging
  7. Subsea Cable Laying
  8. Turbine Maintenance

We encourage genuine editorial contributions from companies. If you would like to be involved in any of the features, please call our editor to discuss your ideas. Please be assured – we never charge for editorial.

Please view some client Testimonials below

I think the magazine always looks very well produced!

HKJDR Cables
We’ve advertised in other publications in the past, however we’ve certainly seen our best results from our campaigns with Wind Energy Network. We’ve received numerous new leads and enquiries off the back of our articles and adverts. Carly and Rosie are also a pleasure to work with and are ver…
Stuart HowardKuro Dragon
Wind Energy Network offers JDR a great platform to showcase our products and services to the industry. The magazine is extremely good value and the quality and appearance is of the highest standard making this a really good fit to our own brand.  The team provide a top class service and the extras …
Tom NightingdaleJDR
We’re always keen to see the latest edition of your magazine as all of its content is very informative and well put together .. Keep up the good work and many thanks for all your help and support so far.
WSWindpower Energy Ltd
I’m well aware of your publication and find it to be of a very high standard.
Rob FlynnOcean Energy Europe
Wind Energy Network has consistently delivered the best results of any media outlet we have advertised in. The web product drives significant volumes of traffic to our website, second only in numbers to Google. In addition the team are great to deal with and I would happily recommend Wind Energy Net…
Sam PickRenewables Network
Mersey Maritime has found Wind Energy Network to be an excellent publication to work with; the online and printed publications are top quality with good use of interactive digital features to further boost our company exposure. As the representative organisation for Merseyside’s maritime and relat…
Sarah KingMersey Maritime
I managed to pick up your magazine at industry conferences and some of my colleagues had it delivered. I read your East of England special and that convinced me to move away from London to Norwich in order to be a part of the industry here.
This is a great feature! It showcases the level of activity and quality companies we have in the East of England…This is excellent thank you! Brilliant job!