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Essential safety kit for offshore windfarm workers

Windfarms cover large areas of land and are located in remote places, for the safety of the public. These inaccessible locations make it extremely difficult for emergency services and first responders to respond promptly to unforeseen circumstances. It is therefore crucial that windfarm workers are equipped with, and have easy access to, life-saving tools and kit whenever they are on-site. When mitigating the risk of emergencies, it is important to focus on two key areas:

  1. Portable first aid kits

Offshore lone workers, in particular, need to be aware that help may not be forthcoming if an accident should occur. To combat such a potential occurrence, every worker should be supplied with a compact and lightweight first aid kit that can be easily accessed and used during an emergency. First aid kit contents need to be in line with Global Wind Organisation guidelines

  1. Portable AEDs

An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is a lightweight portable device that can be used to stabilise an irregular heartbeat by administering an electric shock. The best AEDs for remote windfarms offer voice prompting, patient specific CPR feedback, durability and connectivity to a centralised management system, ensuring all equipment is ready for use at all times

A case study – how Aero Healthcare helped a global sustainable energy solutions provider keep its workers safe

Vestas is a leading manufacturer, installer and servicer of wind turbines. Vestas service engineers work in pairs to fix and maintain turbines in multiple sites across 81 countries. In order to keep their teams safe, the company needed to provide its engineers with defibrillators that were lightweight and easy to transport, suitable for work that takes place at height.

Following an initial consultation, Aero introduced the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500p to Vestas’ directors, engineers and other key staff. Aero was able to show them how quickly and easily Heartsine can be deployed and the team was also educated on the importance and likely outcomes of early intervention following a sudden cardiac arrest. The result was enhanced emergency support for Vesta workers and a safer working environment.

Keeping windfarm workers safe

Aero Healthcare is a renowned global brand in healthcare, first aid and first response markets worldwide. They combine an international supplier network with first-rate support to educate, train and deliver the best products and services to their clients.

It is their mission to help clients make informed choices and sound investments when choosing first aid equipment and to help prepare windfarms and other renewable energy sites for unforeseen emergencies.

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