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Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, explains how energy data can drive better decisions in offshore wind…

You might be reading this and wondering who TGS is and why we are featured in this wind publication. TGS has been around for over 40 years, but we’re just getting started in the offshore wind space. We have a long and respected reputation in other information-rich industries for facilitating insights through energy data, and we’ve recently turned our skills and expertise to the offshore wind industry where we aim to provide a fresh perspective.

Unique Expertise in Big Data

TGS brings essential skills and capacities in data and data-driven solutions to energy industries but we can’t pretend to have all the answers. That is why we have a partnership-based approach to our organic initiatives, teaming up with some of the most respected names in wind measurement, modeling, and market intelligence to provide insight through energy data and improve efficiencies. In addition, we complement organic initiatives in offshore wind with inorganic investments in areas where TGS today lacks data, software solutions, or expertise.

While our subsurface data business for oil and gas has significantly contributed to our past success, the energy evolution has highlighted new opportunities for TGS to enhance decision-making in other energy industries. For offshore wind, our aim is to help developers prepare bids and ultimately accelerate development cycles.

Why Now?

In the 1980s, TGS began with a group of geophysicists who wanted to make a difference in the energy industry. Their skills at turning hundreds of thousands of wiggle-shaped acoustic readings written upon miles of magnetic tape into detailed images of the geological structure beneath the Earth’s oceans would come to revolutionise the way we collect and analyse seismic data.

Fast forward to 2022, and the technology is unrecognisable – 2-dimensional paper plots and an acute geological eye are replaced by high-resolution 3D dimensional models and an almost limitless cloud computing power to provide a new level of knowledge almost unthinkable just a decade ago. Today, TGS is among the largest users of high-performance compute (HPC) in the world – both from our on-prem data centers and more recently from the cloud.

As our technology has evolved, so has our vision, a key part of which is to become the primary source of data-driven insights that facilitate decision-making across project life cycles. We’re providing an actionable approach, but we’re constantly learning and feel a responsibility to empower the energy transition, recognising that we could help by contributing our skills to meet common challenges through our insights and data-driven solutions.

As global energy transforms and diversifies, so must we. It’s the only way we can continue to provide the right solutions and intelligence at the right time for society’s evolving energy needs. That’s our primary goal.

TGS + Wind

The acquisition of the UK-based wind market intelligence company 4C Offshore in May 2021 marked TGS’ entry into the rapidly growing market for insights through energy data, into offshore wind. Following this acquisition, TGS organically developed and launched a wind data analytics platform, Wind AXIOM. This unique platform, which aggregates a wide variety of proprietary and public data types, uses cutting-edge cloud solutions combined with advanced data analytics to allow developers, investors, analysts, banks, and suppliers to assess and identify, verify and compare suitable areas for offshore wind development. Our aim is to help developers prepare competitive bids and ultimately to accelerate development timelines.

We’re here for the long haul, and looking ahead, our ambition is to build a complete ecosystem via a digital platform to deliver the right data-driven solutions and insights, at the right level of accuracy, and at the right time across the entire value chain. Our high-quality data and applications will support decision-making for companies investing across the wind energy industry. We remain committed to bringing innovative ideas and opportunities.

Leveraging Digitalisation

We’re also committed to technology and data modernisation. Across our digital ecosystem, we implement and utilise cloud-based data analytics to transform data into insights. For platforms like Wind AXIOM, our vast datasets and robust algorithms allow us the flexibility to provide early insights into the costs and risks of pursuing a particular lease area to make quick, easy risk assessments across multiple leases. The result is a platform that provides an instant assessment of the investment potential of any prospective offshore wind farm in the world.

The Future of Energy

At the intersection of data and intelligence, TGS is well-known for providing energy companies insights through energy data. To address the changing needs of an ever-evolving energy environment, TGS too, has evolved. We have diversified our services to encompass energy data across the energy spectrum and transition from wind to solar to geothermal to carbon storage.

As big data experts, we are applying our knowledge to ensure our partners can make the best decisions from feasibility to development to asset management. We remain dedicated to delivering insights that power the future with the same superior, trusted service and quality we have provided to international markets for decades.


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