HeliService – Helicopter Services

HeliService – Helicopter Services

High-standard logistics services

The replacement of the entire crew on service platforms or ships is one of the standard requirements for the operation, maintenance and construction of new windfarms

Crew replacement should work according to a routine, time-saving, safe and cost-sensitive manner. HeliService stands for time efficiency, security and maximum availability. They ensure that significantly higher, productive working hours of the technicians are available on site offshore.

Highest efficiency in almost any weather conditions
Helicopter transports are enormously time-efficient. From passenger check-in to arrival on a wind turbine, around two thirds of the transfer time can be saved compared to transport by Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs). This in turn can be used for significantly higher productivity on site.

While CTV’s are no longer operational from a significant wave height of 1.5-2m, helicopters can act almost weather-independently. This is reflected in the availability rate of helicopters with approx. 95 percent compared to CTVs with an availability of approx. 60 percent.

Significantly higher security of helicopters compared to CTVs
The advantages of helicopter transport are also clearly evident in terms of safety. As the Data Reports of the ‘G+ Global offshore wind Health and Safety organisation 2016’ show, the loss of working hours due to injuries during transport by a CTV is far higher than that caused by air transport.

Source: G+ Global offshore wind health and safety organisation 2016, 2017 Incident Data Reports

The fast procurement of spare parts, the swift change of entire service teams, the involvement of external specialists or the advantages over ships in bad weather – helicopter transportation has long since established itself as an excellent alternative to ship transportation in the field of offshore windfarms and drilling platforms.

Modern helicopter fleet
Based in Northern Germany for offshore windfarms in the North and Baltic Seas, the company operates a fleet of nine helicopters. With a strategically optimally located, state-of-the-art terminal and the most modern helicopter fleet in the North Sea, they offer the ideal conditions for offshore logistics services.

Highest standards from check-in to arrival
The transportation of freight and personnel has been their core business for more than 30 years. At the terminal in the northern German city of Emden, the areas of check-in, technology systems, ground operations, flight operations and dispatch interlock perfectly. Upon arrival at the check-in area, each passenger receives an intensive flight briefing including a safety video and the on-flight code of conduct.

Spacious dressing rooms with well-equipped wet areas are provided for putting on and taking off the reserved and optimally maintained protective equipment (PPE).

While the passengers are equipped and instructed for the upcoming flight, staff load freight and luggage, making final flight preparations and checks on final weather conditions. The helicopters are always staffed by a team of two pilots with outstanding references and top training.

In order to reduce operating times and flying hours, return flights can be combined with the crew change and approach nearby windfarms one after the other. Take-off, flight and landing are therefore made as pleasant as possible for passengers.

Professional helicopter hoist operation
In offshore windfarms, our team considers professional hoist operations, in which people are set down directly on the turbine of a wind turbine using a cable winch, to be an almost daily challenge. The company only use optimally trained and very experienced winch operators.

Training courses
The company offers hoist operation training courses for optimal preparation for use in offshore windfarms. In this way, employees receive full operational readiness as they fulfil the necessary prerequisites for participating in a hoist operation. At the same time, it increases the long-term flexibility of windfarm operators in terms of time and security.

Hoist operations by helicopter are the optimal option for offshore transport, especially in weather and wave conditions that are difficult to assess. Here the helicopter clearly shows its advantages over the use of a ship.

Advanced use of Leonardo AW 169
A look into the past also proves the extensive expertise HeliService has in the field of hoist operations – the company was the first helicopter operator in Germany to operate the manufacturer Leonardo’s AW 139 model with a specially mounted Goodrich double winch.

Even today the company shows a pioneering spirit in the area of hoisting – they are the first operator worldwide to use the Leonardo AW169 for offshore use. Leonardo AW169 has been specially designed in close cooperation with the manufacturer for hoist use on the open sea.

Market leader
As the market leader in Germany, the company offers all relevant services combined with over 30 years of experience and expertise. A state-of-the-art helicopter fleet, a highly trained team and the use of the most advanced technology are just as much a matter of course as safety authorities far above the legally prescribed standard.

Monitoring services
As a German airline, HeliService is subject to the aviation legislation of the European Union and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). EASA was founded by the European Union for the creation and monitoring of uniform and high safety and environmental standards. Official supervision is carried out by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA, Federal Aviation Office) by means of regular comprehensive audits.

Highest quality & safety standards
Maximum safety has the highest priority at HSI. To ensure this, the company uses the most advanced technologies such as helicopter flight data monitoring – a central reporting system and structured feedback processes for the exclusion of errors.

Perhaps the most important guarantor of quality and safety is the company’s employees. Pilots, technicians, engineers, administrators – safety & quality is the top priority for the entire HSI team because they ensure the highest quality demands and the highest standards.