Faccin – Asia Development

Faccin – Asia Development

Wind energy providers look East

Wind energy business has an historical background in Europe due to the high number of windfarms around Europe, but in the last years, the focus of offshore wind investments is starting to move from Europe to Asia

Wind energy business in Asia has historically been led by China with a 35% share of the cumulative MW capacity worldwide (according to the last Global Wind Energy Council – GWEC report) but other emergent markets like Taiwan are becoming new powerful players in the offshore wind sector.

The Taiwanese government set the objective to source 20% of electricity from renewables by 2025 and offshore wind is the backbone for delivering the government’s objective of phasing out nuclear power by 2025. The official target set by the Taiwanese government for offshore wind is 5.5GW offshore wind by 2025 target; of the initial 3.5GW of capacity, 500MW must be commissioned by 2020, and the remaining 3GW ought to be operational between 2020 and 2025. Thirty-six new offshore locations have been identified for the future planning.

The combination of a clear target set by the Taiwanese government combined with the good offshore wind seabed conditions, have convinced the offshore wind industry to look at Taiwan as another GW size market in Asia.

Trusting in expertise
Driven by this scenario, leading Taiwanese wind tower manufacturers have trusted Faccin’s experience and successful track record of installed wind tower automation systems for their most exigent wind tower projects.

The company’s highly technological machines are designed to maximise productivity, thus the profitability of the wind tower cans’ manufacturer. All this is achieved by a precise and fast rolling machine with an oversized reliable structure, which helps reduce time in the following steps of the wind tower like assembly and welding and a user-friendly CNC capable of handling automatically not only the machine but also the handling system.

Company priority
A high level of supply availability and the lowest possible processing time is the company’s priority. Installation and training are always provided in order to develop their customers’ skills. It allows them to operate confidently and independently in their day-to-day business.

Mr. Giordano Toninelli
Area Sales Manager
Faccin SPA