Voyonic Crewing – Crew Transfer

Voyonic Crewing – Crew Transfer

Providing industry support

The wind energy sector has witnessed a major expansion in recent years in the number of vessels that are available to provide support to the industry

Voyonic Crewing Limited are involved in this sector and have witnessed the increased development of both vessels and crew.

Amongst the many sophisticated support vessels in existence, without doubt the small workhorses of the wind energy support fleets are the Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV’s). These vessels have grown in size as windfarms are developed further offshore. Many of the newer vessels are as well-equipped as any small passenger ferry, more so in some cases, so passengers are carried in some degree of comfort for their short trips to and from their place of work.

Passenger safety and comfort
The crew on these vessels not only require excellent small boat handling skills but also the ability to ensure that their passengers, most of whom are not seafarers by trade, are safely moved to and from offshore locations with the minimum of fuss and the maximum amount of safety. The crew transfer process, moving from a floating platform to a fixed installation and vice-versa, is by its nature inherently dangerous, whatever the sea conditions and the crew expertise in this operation is paramount.

Captains in particular also need to have the confidence to decide when any transfer operation is deemed too risky and to not carry out such a process whilst ignoring any potential commercial or other operational pressure to do so. This goes hand in hand with the ability to communicate these decisions effectively to management and operators.
Training development

Training facilities for the wind energy sector are improving year on year and standards within the sector are improving all the time as a result. It is incumbent upon the industry to ensure that this continues and in particular that ways are found to bring young people into the industry as future crew for CTV’s.

Promising future
Seafaring as a career is in decline in the modern 24/7 social media age, however the wind energy sector now offers work close to home.

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