Peter Lonsdorfer

Peter Lonsdorfer UK ltd is a subsidiary of the parent company Peter Lonsdorfer GmbH & Co. KG based in Germany, and offers a wide range of services to the wind industry across Europe.


The first of which being our wind turbine oil service where we carry out hydraulic and gearbox oil changes on wind turbines with the use of our fully trained technicians, specialized trucks and unique pumping systems, this is to ensure the cleanliness level of the gearbox or hydraulic oil is maintained throughout the life of any operational wind turbine whilst achieving the minimal down time to carry out the oil change, and at the highest health and safety standards possible.

We are also one of the only company’s who are in a position to offer and supply oils directly to any wind turbine gearbox pre filtered in house to the DIN ISO 4406 cleanliness standard regardless of oil type or manufacturer. As an addition to this we can also offer gearbox endoscope inspections along with oil, grease & filter sampling and analyses.

As well as the supply of bulk oils for wind turbines we also supply other consumable products for the continued servicing of your wind turbines for example: grease, gearbox and hydraulic oils supplied in 20 to 1000 lit secure containers, filters, cleaning rags, oil absorbent pads, disposable gloves, etc.

Another service which we offer is blade inspection and minor repairs, as well as the rental of our mobile blade repair tent and equipment for your own use if required. This allows for any major blade repairs to be carried out in a controlled environment on the wind farm site as an alternative of having to transport blades 100’s of miles to suitable store’s/location’s to carry out such work.

The final service we offer and probably our largest service in terms of our truck fleet size is the logistics and transport of wind turbine components throughout Europe, from gearboxes and nacelle frames down to turbine control units, consumables and containers loaded with smaller parts and tooling for construction or maintenance work.



Barry Sutherland
Operations Director
Peter Lonsdorfer UK Ltd
Office: (+44) 01560 485854
Mobile: (+44) 07825 665882

UK Address:
Mid Williamshaw
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East Ayrshire

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