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It may seem counter-intuitive for a grey haired Financial Director to court a nascent industry such as Wind Energy for non executive work without having worked in the sector.

However, the Wind Energy sector will provide a glut of opportunities for those businesses able to grasp the nettle and link their success with the growth in offshore energy made possible by the forthcoming commitment to the Humber. I have joined ‘The Renewables Network’ to assist and support businesses looking to develop within the sector.

Growth brings with it two key cash dynamics – the need for adequate working capital and investment capital to fuel the present and future, and the ability to meet its retrospective and ongoing commitments, particularly to its suppliers, staff and not forgetting HMRC.

In that sense the Wind Energy supply chain shares common business concerns. A wind farm will only produce electricity for customers if it is capable of consistently and efficiently doing so. That will require trust in the ability of suppliers’ management teams to simultaneously guide their businesses incrementally and strategically to ensure ongoing supply of goods and services. A robust non executive director should constructively challenge the business, its decision makers and its employees to ensure that as far as it can be the enterprise is ‘future proofed’.

After a career at the highest level in companies ranging from electrical instrumentation, healthcare software, leisure, printing, packaging, agriculture, and FMCG food, I can bring that ‘grey haired’ experience to your Board at very little risk to you. I have refinanced a business, worked in three turnaround situations, bought and sold divisions, self financed through payback projects, and dealt with key stakeholders such as insurers, bankers, lawyers, pension funds and of course HMRC.

The following presentation demonstrates the experience which, when drawn upon around your boardroom table, would add value to your decision making process and bottom line today and tomorrow.


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