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Next generation turbines

Back in 2014 VWT Power bought the assets and IP of Quiet Revolution, a business that designed and manufactured a vertical wind turbine. Over 300 of these iconic turbines were manufactured and currently reside in locations around the UK, Europe and the rest of the World

A recent programme of work for a major German bank was carried out. This bank specialises in finance for renewable energy and leasing electric vehicles. With this focus in mind they were actively looking to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst increasing their usage of sustainable energy.


With renewable energy and sustainability of paramount importance, their endeavours in utilising wind energy had been thwarted by the existing turbine which suffered from unreliability issues and poor operating time, therefore the recent scope of work contracted was to replace the original turbine for the newly designed QR6 system, which VWT have been actively working on over the past two years.

The new turbine supplied is more efficient, reliable, produces more energy at any given wind speed and has a greatly improved power-to-weight ratio. There are numerous mechanical, structural & aerodynamic improvements and the control system has been fully modernised, with digital communications, data login and on-board telemetry. The turbine has been redesigned to have a 30-year design life, which is an increase of 10-years over the earlier generation of turbines.

A perfect fit

Chris Newland, Managing Director, VWT, commented: “The new QR6 turbine system has been very well received by our German customer and it fits perfectly with their green initiatives. The continuous data login and remote access to external authorised users, allows VWT and the customer to realise in ‘real time’ the performance of the system. This provides access to on-line reporting and maintenance support.

“VWT are also offering backward compatible upgrade kits, including installation. These will be made available to existing customers, where applicable, who are looking for this improved performance & efficiency.”

VWT Power

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