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What’s changing in floating?

Floating wind seems to be the hot topic in the offshore field these days as it looks like the full industrial phase of this sector is about to come
Any single company related to offshore wind and offshore energy is now actively looking at floating, believing this is the next big thing to happen in the renewables sector. Even those who were reluctant a couple years ago or who are just too busy with the deployment of fixed-bottom offshore wind, are now creating floating wind divisions so they do not miss the boat.

Has something changed?
The question then would be, has something changed in the industry that led to this change of mindset in the whole industry? I would definitely say yes. Besides the fact that floating offshore wind removes the barrier of depth, unlocking a vast amount of resource in both the established European North Sea and emerging markets like Japan, Korea or US, the new generation of floating technologies is, under my point of view, the main reason for this change of mindset.

Lessons learnt
There is lot to learn about oil & gas floating rigs’ experience, in both a good and bad way. We, the technology developers, must pick up all the lessons learnt, including installation methods or mooring solutions among others and apply them to floating wind in a smart manner. We also know that cost-reduction has not always been a priority in oil & gas while it is indeed the main objective for the new generation of floating offshore wind solutions.

Since 2011, LCOE reduction along with low risk and local content have always been Saitec Offshore’s key drivers for the design and development of our SATH technology and considering the number of commercial projects we are involved in, the feedback from the key stakeholders in the industry and the recent backing from European Commission, it looks like we are doing well.

Competitive solution
We aim to lead this new wave of floating technologies with an innovative approach and a competitive solution. SATH and the new generation of floating offshore wind turbines have come to the market to revolutionise offshore wind and make it truly global.

David Carrascosa Francis
Chief Technology Officer
Saitec Offshore Technologies

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